Painting Hanns Jatzlau

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Abgeschickt von Harald Koch am 10 August, 2008 um 14:16:43

: i have a paintingsigned by Hanns Jatzlau anddated 1954 the painting is of the binnen- alster in Hamburg has the work any value

Dear Art Gallagher,

Hanns Jatzlau was born in 1926 and now lives in Columbia, as far as I know. He was a student of Alfred Mahlau together with Horst Janssen at the Hamburg Scool of Arts within the 1950ies. Later he studied in a Class of Oskar Kokoschka in Salzburg / Austria and won the German Villa Massimo- Price in Rome. Finally he was a Professor for painting and drawing at the Hannover School of Arts, Germany. Some years ago he moved to Columbia, where his wife comes from. Hanns Jatzlau was a good friend of mine, I learned a lot about painting from him, but since he left I unfortunately lost the contact to him.
I canīt say anything about the value of your painting. Is it oil on canvas, is it watercolour on paper? In this case it will be about 250 Euros. Maybe you can mail me a photo? At the moment he seems a little bit forgotten as an artist, but as an expert recently told me, he might be unpayable within the next ten years. I donīt believe in that, but keep your painting and see what happens.

Best wishes,

Harald Koch


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